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More Revenue

Our Network gives the highest revenue "90%" among all of the other networks and you can see the difference!

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More Coverage

Our representatives will help you to get more views on your videos, so that eventually you can earn more.

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Customer Support

We provide 24/7 Customer Support to our partners so that your problems can be sorted out as early as possible.


We are an emerging creator, publisher and distributor of next generation video content. YouTube's best channels partner with Us to build professional careers by growing their audiences and unlocking lucrative partnerships with advertisers.

Professional Support

Support from the staff of a company that went from a Content Aggregator to a Virtual Network within a year and surpassed 1 Million Monthly views in that period!

Best Tools & Features

We will enable you to hand only the best features down to your partners, paid for by us! Including free access to AudioMicro, Access to our Sponsorships & Integrations platform and our Channel Optimization tool!

Automated Payments

You have no need to worry about partner payments each month! Our system automatically send out payments each month at the set payout threshold (the lowest possible).

Fast Partner Linking

Your partners will be linked by us within 24 hours all year round! And once you hit a certain goal set by us you will even be able to link channels yourself!

Superior Technology

Whether's it's managing applications, answering support tickets, generating revenue sheets in multiple formats, customizing what emails your partners get, changing revshares for a specific partner and more; our network dashboard can handle it!

The Next Step

With us, As you reach new targets we give you more features, revenue and control. Such as the ability to link channels yourself, Bigger share of the the Net Profit!

Some Interesting Facts

  • 2 Million Views
  • 250 Partners
  • 1 Billion Mins watched
  • 10 Million Subscribers

About Us

We are the fastest growing YouTube Network.

YTMotionMedia is the Fastest growing network on YouTube. YTMotionMedia is an emerging creator, publisher and distributor of next generation video content on YouTube. YouTube's best channels partner with YTMotionMedia to build professional careers by growing their audiences and unlocking lucrative partnerships with advertisers.
High earnings - When you are partnered with YTMotionMedia you will earn more money than you do with just AdSense mainly because we have our own global Advertising Sales Department selling alongside YouTube and making sure that we optimize the advertising fill rate. The Playback Based CPM is between 3 to 10 dollars and sometimes even higher, depending on the type of content you have and the seasonality in the advertising market. This combined with the fact that we offer a really high Revenue Share to our partners puts us among the highest paying networks globally. Powerful channel development tools - However, the partnership is not only about increasing revenue. There is more to the partnership than just the high earnings. We offer great tools , which allow you to access a number of very interesting additional revenue streams as well as very powerful tools to cross promote your channel, driving view and subscriber growth much faster than what you would be able to achieve on your own. We also help channels better manage and optimize their content to increase CPM, impressions, and subscribers. Our Support Department and Channel Development specialists are available 24/7 and we respond on average within 48 hours to partner questions or requests! no-lock in Leave if your not satisfied - Come in and try us out and see for yourself what boost we can give your channel and earnings. If you feel we didn't deliver to your expectations you can just unlink.

Partners Program

YTMotionMedia provides video monetization services across the world's leading video-platform "YouTube". We link channels to YouTube monetization program just in one click, so the channel owner can experience all the benefits of YouTube Premium Partner status instantly. Joining the partnership program allows you to generate revenue through your YouTube videos that you produce. The YouTube Partner Program provides creators with resources and opportunities to improve skills, build larger audiences, and earn more money.

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Recruiters Program

YTMotionMedia is looking for peoples who are passionate about YouTube! Your mission is to find talented Youtubers and give them the opportunity to partner with our network. This is a unique opportunity to get involved with one of the largest and fastest growing network on youtube and to kick start your career in the YouTube market.

Benefits of being a recruiter for YTMotionMedia

  • Make money higher than any other network.
  • Training and ongoing support from your assigned Team Lead
  • Be a part of the YTMotionMedia team.


  • Passionate about the YouTube.
  • Significant time investment on YouTube.
  • Able to conduct yourself in a professional manner.


  • The YTMotionMedia affiliate program allows you to gain your own referral URL for your friends and fans to click on and sign up for an YTMotionMedia YouTube partnership. There's no waiting around, your link will be activated immediately. As a recruiter YTMotionMedia relies on you to bring in new and upcoming talent to our YouTube network! So what will You gain from this? Well, to begin you receive a 10% commission of the partners earnings FOR LIFE! No ending period! Whatever they make you get 10% Guaranteed. Not only that but you get access to our Recruiter dashboard to track your payouts and earnings as well as partners you have referred and their statistics! A recruiter is someone who searches YouTube for up and coming channels to join YTMotionMedia as a partner and become the next YouTube sensation! This program is open to anyone! We have a dashboard for you to login and see who has applied for partnership. Have constant contact with our full support team!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Youtube Network?
  • An organization that actively supports the development of online content creators, primarily on the YouTube platform. Partners within a YouTube network receive premium advertisements on their content, as well as features and support that are distinct to each network.

  • As a Network Partner, How and When do I get paid?
  • You will be paid on a monthly schedule.

  • Am I Eligible to join?
  • We look for passionate Youtubers .We look for Youtubers who have shown a commitment to their channel's development, regardless of the channel's subject matter. Although we look for a minimum amount of viewers, subscribers and activity on your channel, we take other factors into consideration, such as frequency of uploading and content that is consistent with the values of our Network. No channels with copyrighted material, no channels that abuse the system or that propagate hateful messages.

  • After becoming a Partner, who controls the updates,uploads and layout of my channel?
  • You will always have 100% control over your channel.

  • As a Partner how do I get paid?
  • All payments to our partners are sent through partner provided PayPal email. We also offer the option to get paid through Bank Transfer or Western Union.

  • What happens if I get a copyright notice?
  • We take copyright incredibly seriously. We do not partner channels with copyright strikes or copyrighted material, If your account status is in "Good Standing" then you are on your way to partnership.

  • Is there an age limit to become a partner?
  • There is not an age limit for partners to join the Network. Tell to your parents to make one for you. Money will go to your parents. So, you have to convince them to open one for you. In the case you have a bank account, we can transfer it to your account. The minimum to send through Bank transfer is 150$.

  • Can a current Partner apply to be a Director?
  • Yes. Here is a link to apply

  • What happen for those countries in which PayPal is not allowed?
  • There are two possible ways to send the money; could be through Western Union or by Bank Transfer. In both cases those entities ask for an interest to be charged (The cheapest one, would be through Bank Transfer and it is around 10$ for non Eu countries). For that reason we cannot send every dollar earned as we do through PayPal. We must ask for a minimum of 150$ as a Net Revenue, in order to have a real amount to send and cover those interests charged (10$). We will keep your amount every month till it reaches 150$. Once you reach it, we have to wait to receive the money from YouTube (one month later) and we will send it through the option you like the most. You have to consider which the cheapest way is for you and provide us the information required to send the money.

  • Is there a minimum to transfer?
  • The minimum to transfer through PayPal is 1$ and for Bank transfer or Western Union is 150$.

  • Is there a special date for payments?
  • No, payment period takes place first week from each month. It depends on the payment system selected (PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union) and how much time takes for our finance department to manage and send the money.

  • I saw someone has a cool video, can I use it?
  • Never use someone else's videos. Create your own. You can get an strike by uploading someone else's content. Be sure that you have a written confirmation from this guy to use his content.